Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No computer

Yeah my computer is in the doctors. :-(
I took it in last Tuesday, so it has been over a week now with out connection to the world. I am on my mom's right now so that kinda helps, but it is not the same!! To top it all off Stephanie's is in the doc's too. They better fix them this time. Mine needs a new motherboard. It is only about four months old it shouldn't be doing this. At least both computers have warranties so it wont cost nothing to have them fixed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I forgot!

I forgot to tell you what Eric got me. Well it is not done yet but the paint is bought. He is going to paint my craft room!!!!! I am so excited! I have taken before and I will take after pictures after we have every thing done and maybe some in between ones! How fun will this been I am so stoked!


I turned 46 today!!!!

Busy day went and took mom to Missouri Valley to get her oil changed in her car. Then came home and Eric was home already so I opened my gift from peanut, she got me the Brad Paisley CD "American Saturday Night" I am listening to it right now my favorite song is coming up "Then" I just love this song! After that we headed to CB and went to the Ameristar for lunch. It wasn't to bad, but kind of expensive though. Then we went to Home Depot and Menard's for some thing to put in the garage that would hold our tubs out of the way. We found one but the box was damaged and I am not paying $60.00 for a damaged box. Then we went to the new Bob Kerrey pedestrian Bridge the goes between Omaha and Council Bluffs. I think it is about a mile if you walk from one end and back. But I will find out. I found out it is 2,224 feet. Here is some of the pictures I took while we walked on it, one of my feet is when I was in Nebraska and Iowa at the same time. lol Kinda heavy on the pictures!!! Thanks for stopping in!!!