Friday, April 25, 2008

Not very smart

Okay I had to go grocery shoppen today up in Sioux City. Now you would think I would know better, but I guess I don't. I left this morning with out a coat or jacket, which I really could of used. It was fairly warm when I left this morning but by the time we got to Sioux City it was very windy and very cold. The temp right now is 37 with the wind chill of 26. Now you would think a over forty year old would know better. I guess I thought winter was over so I didn't think I would need a sweatshirt or a jacket. That just shows you I was not very bright today. But I will take one next time??????

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Okay I have a quick question to any one who can answer this. Today at Bible study we had the question of if animals have a soul? I and one other think we do and I asked Eric and he think so too but every one else at the study said no they have no soul. Can any one explain?

80th Birthday

I just wanted to wish a very favorite childhood actress a very Happy 80th birthday.

Happy Birthday Shirley Temple!
It is just soo cool that even young girls even my daughter can grow up loving her movies. They are clean and full of love. They always have good stories behind them too!!! Again Happy birthday to a very special lady in our lives!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prom at West Harrison 2008

Well went to the grand march for prom. I took some pictures of both of our nieces tonight. They both looked really pretty. Kara is in the pink dress and Holly is in the green one. It was fun taking the pictures. I have a phobia of getting in front of people and trying to take pictures. I am always scared what people might say. I guess that comes from school when I was a kid they always made fun of me and it has stuck with me all these years. The little girl in a couple of the pictures is my great niece.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The grass is green the grass is green!!!!

Hooray the grass is green. Got the hint that I am just a little excited that spring is here. I even walked today around town with Karen. Boy am I out of shape!!!

Talking about green Friday when I went shoppen for groceries Wal-Mart had bags you could buy and use instead of the plastic. So Mom and Mom#2 and me bought 4 each. My daughter would be so proud that I am trying to go Green. :0)

I was really surprised on how much you could put into them. They really hold a lot. They were only 2 for $2.00 so I thought that was a good deal. I just might buy more next payday. Think I will put my name on them so that way I wont be charged again for them. And I hope I can remember to take them with me when I go into the store. Every little bit helps though. I kinda think it might be late but I am trying.

Well I put this web site on my old one so the ones that were watching that one sorry and I hope you enjoy this one. Like Jennifer (Eric's Cousin)

Tata for now. Oh yeah the wind has kinda stoped blowing. It is still blowing but I can handle the wind much better now, I don't have to worry about bad hair day!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just chatter!

Wind!!! I am so sick of this wind already!! Not good for a great hair day. yeah I need to get mine cut so that makes it even worse having longer hair than what I would like. Eric had his last doc. appointment today and was cleared yeah!!!! No more doctor visits.

I got my May/June issue of Scrapbooks etc. I just luv this magazine it has so much neat stuff in it and most of all it has things called page maps which give you ideas on how to do different pages!! This magazine has more ideas in it than Creating Keepsakes. Not as much ads which I really love grant it I can see up coming items in the Creating Keepsakes magazine but I get more ideas from Scrapbooks etc.

Today 4 years ago I think Travis and Stephanie started dating. Wow!! Not alone that today the Titanic sank and also it is tax day. Do you have your taxes done? I have mine done but don't see what the hurry was the money we got back we have to turn around and give it to State. Not much fun on that part.

I need help to get my self organized in my craft room. So I think I better get off the computer so I can at least make a stab at it. I am going to take pictures of the before and the after so I can show you when I am done. Now that I told you that maybe I will get off my back end and get it done now!!!!

Tata for now!

Hang on to your hats!

Monday, April 14, 2008

CMT and other things

Okay the opening was great but the rest went down hill. What in the world kinda dress did LeAnn Rimes have on? What happened to wearing cowboy boots and western shirts and hats. And for the girls nice western dress attire? This is getting to be ridiculous!! Hope I am not the only one that thinks so out there. These girls now days just want to show every thing they have to the world. All I can say is wow.

Dancing with the stars is boring this year. I don't know if I am just tired of the judges or the dancers that they got this year are boring. I really don't even miss it.

My Creating Keepsake magazine came today. I have read it all. There are some neat stuff coming out that I would like to try. But I think it will be a while before they are in stores. Some things take no time and then there are others that for ever!

Well it is past my bed time just had to get this done. Chat with you tomorrow I hope!!!

100 and counting

I would like to give a big shout out to my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Don tonight. Uncle Don has always wanted to have 100 calf's born in the spring time. Well this year they have done it and then some. Mom called them today and they said that they had 101 and counting so that is soooo cooool cause this might their last year to have cattle. They are selling the farm. So this is extra special. So here is your shout out! WAY TOO GO WE ARE EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!

LOVE from your FAVORITE niece!!

The Invisible Woman

I received this the other day and thought this was a great way to tell all of us that think we are not appreciated and not noticed that there is some one that does notice the good things we do. I hope this goes through. Enjoy!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So proud

I am so proud of my self that I can't control my self. I went on another bloggers web page today and noticed that they had music playing so when I went to Sioux City today Stephanie (my daughter) said she was on the same web site and that she was going to put music on hers too. I told her when she got home next weekend that she could show me how. Well the stubborn part of me said no way I can do this on my own. Well guess what Peanut I did it. Hooray for me!!! I am just so excited that I did that and I also found a web site that I can put a counter on how many people visit my web site. Thanks for giving me the idea Anna!! I hope you don't mind that I copied an idea from you web site. Good night all!


Okay I was getting bored with what I had. Went to a lot of sites to see if I could find some new lay outs or backgrounds. Found a few but was scared to down load them in the for site that I might loose it all. So I came up with this for now I hope every one can read it fine. If you can't please let me know and I will change it. It might get changed again so though cause I don't like the flower in the corner. I thought it would go all away across so I might have to change a setting or some thing. Oh well it is some thing different. Enjoy!! tata!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Here are some more photos that I took

My first birthday shoot

I had the honor of taking this beautiful young lady's first birthday pictures. It was so fun. It helps when you have such a great subject. This young lady is Jaysa Lawrenson, Amanda and Jared's little girl. I had no idea how they would turn out. But I am pretty proud of them. It was great that my mom let me use her rocker that was hers when she was a little girl. We also used the donkey that my dad made for Stephanie, he would be so proud that some thing he made was used for something like this. The one of her out side by the bench is my favorite one. Thanks mom for the use of your items. And also thanks to Stephanie for the use of her donkey. I guess I worried over nothing now I feel that I can do my great niece's pictures too.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Were legal!!

Yap Eric and I became legal today. What is she thinking they are alot older than 21, well have been married 21 years today. Yap we were married April 4, 1987 in Greeley. I married my best friend for life that day!! I look back at our pictures and wonder where time has gone? That must mean we have had a good marriage for the most part. We are just like any other couple out there that has their good and bad days. We really have nothing special planned for today, Eric had to work and I am cleaning house because I have my first 1 year old photo shoot here tomorrow. The little girl is a daughter of one of Eric's co workers. She is such a cutie and I am very excited to do this shoot. I have never done children before so we will see how this one goes and see if I would like to do more. Then tomorrow night we are going to go to the fireman's ball in Mondamin. Eric won the tickets for us to go. I think we have won them every year. God is so good, there would be no way we could afford the tickets to the dinner and dance. I have put a couple of picture of us at our wedding hope you enjoy them.