Thursday, July 31, 2008

another contest! :o)

Yeah just went onto and found out that there is another page map contest. I didn't win her first one but that is okay this way maybe it will make me scrapbook!!!! I for some reason don't make time to do it. It is not like I don't have time to do it. May be if I would scrap book more I wouldn't be so darn depressed ya think? Well this one doesn't have to be done until August 11th. So I have some time to get one done. Wish me luck! I do love this web site if you haven't noticed, I can't wait to get her book called you guess it Page Maps!!!

Farmer sent to hospital after crashing ATV

A 75-year-old farmer crashed on his all-terrain vehicle Tuesday evening and was flown to a Denver hospital with a head injury, according to Shane Scofield with the Weld County Sheriff's office.
Don Kanzler was driving his ATV east on Weld County Road 24.5 about a half mile north of Colo. 119 in south Weld County, when he fell off, hitting his head on the ground. He was not wearing a helmet. His ATV ran into a ditch.
Kanzler was apparently checking his crops, as he does regularly, when the crash occurred, Scofield said. But, he was riding the ATV "side-saddle," Scofield added.
Kanzler was flown by helicopter to a Denver hospital. He will not be cited for driving the ATV on a road because it was being used in the course of his farm work, which is not against the law, Scofield said.

The above article is from the Greeley Trb. It is about my Uncle Don (my mom's brother) for starters he is 71 not 75.

Richard my cuz called this morning and said he is doing much better, but has a long road in front of him. He broke all but two ribs, his shoulder. He is now breathing on his own up to 45% which is really good. They will some day have to put a metal plate in his head.

I would like to thank every one for their prayers it has helped alot. I and the rest of the family thank you from the bottom of our hearts! But please keep them going!!!!! :0)

Stephanie said nothing can happen to him cause he still has to come and check her room out. See when they moved my mom here he bought her a puzzle and told her she could have it only if she keeps her room clean. So every time he calls he asks to see if it is clean. Plus he hasn't met her boyfriend yet.
I just wanted to let my Uncle Don know that I love him very much and we are rooting for you!!!
rah rah!! lol

Tat ta for now!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More on last night

Okay you would think seeing Elvis was enough of a high but we also got the chance to see the Farmall Promenade tractors on their last tour. They have been doing this for 10 years and out of the ten years we have had the honor of seeing them three times. Last night was the third time we got to see them. They are still fun and funny to watch!! Her are a few pictures that I took before it got to dark. They are not the best cause we were kinda away from them but you can still see what they are doing. What the tractors do is square dance they are all men but four of them are dressed up like girls. It is a hoot!!! Even Chill tagged along for the fun night. He got the chance to sit on one of the tractors. you will have to go to his and hopefully Peanut has it updated!!!

Up date on contest

Well I didn't win but here is the page that did. Her name is Melanie J. She did a great job and I take my hat off to her. The picture is just too darn cute!!!! Congratulation Melanie!!!

Elvis is Alive!!!!

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Here are just a few pictures that I took when I went to the Harrison County Fair last night. He was really good. Can't wait to send Auntie K. the picture of me with Elvis!!! Eat your hearts out girls!! ;-)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


MAMA MIA ROCKS!!!! Stephanie and I went last night to see it on opening night, if you like musicals you will LOVE this one. I even think this tops Hair Spray and I really liked that one too! Now to the Star Cinema go back to the old owners!!!!! The service at the cinema has gone down hill fast. Here it is opening night of Batman and Mama Mia and one other that I can't remember, but any way they didn't have all the cash registers open to even get into the place so people were getting cranky!!! Then you try to get your self a some popcorn or a drink and three or four of the registers were closed there also. To top it all off it we really warm in there. I am not impressed with the new owner in fact I probably won't be going there cause of this. Got that off my chest.

We took pictures last night but I have not down loaded them, so when I can get peanut to send them to me I will post them on here. So until then go see Mama Mia!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's done?

Okay here is my page for the contest. I know it won't do justice to all of the other pages that I had seen they were sooooo cool. Well any way there is a story to this page. My daughter bought this penguin on her way to New York when she went with her boy friend and his family. Any who They took this penguin every where with them and too pictures. which you can see his adventures on my web page and also at . So when she brought him home we have had fun with him also. He really likes Dairy Queen alot, don't know if he just likes to coldness of the place or what. But any who when me and my husband (Eric) go to Indiana over Labor Day Weekend we are taking him with to show him some other sites.
Now I was really excited to use my Spirograph that My mother-in-law bought me for my birthday. And this is the first time I got to play with it. So I added some on my page. I remember having one when I was a kid and I just love doing things with it so I got on EBay and found one and asked mom#2 if she still had an account on EBay and she said she did so she got me one. I was just like a little kid again when she brought it to the house. Yeah!!!!!!! Let me know what you think of my page.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pgae Maps Have done!

Well Becky Fleck from Page Maps has a blog and to kick it off she is having a page map contest. Well I have looked at some of the entries and I know mine won't even touch some of the pages but I am going to give it the ol college try. Well I should say High school try cause I never went to college so that would not be appropriate to say? So here is the page map that she has posted for the contest. So I hope to do my best and hopefully in a few days you will see the results. I have until the 20th to get it done. If any one else does it let me know so I can see your page too!!

Ta ta

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

I hope everyone had a safe and fun filled Fourth of July weekend. Our was very busy. Friday we spent the afternoon with Eric's mom and Jeff, Jordan and their family. There was alot of food and all was very good. I took a cake and some Nilla Dippers They were both good. Mom had three salads and one was with Onions and a dressing of some kind and that was my favorite!!!! Here is a picture of my cake that I took.

Then Saturday we went to a wedding in Moorhead. Sorry no pictures I forgot my camera at Eric's mom and didn't go and get it before we went to the wedding. :0( The wedding was out side and very nice. The bride and groom was from our church. They just started coming not to long ago, may be about two months ago? not sure on how long they have been coming. Any way it was out side and very nice except for the wind. Oh yeah I got sun burned. Didn't even think of that when we were sitting out there. Then after the wedding we came home (after I went back to mom's to get my camera). Eric cleaned the church and I took Marae home and then I ran the bulletins off. After we did all that we ate super and then took Little Sioux's bulletins to the church. And yes had to make a DQ run.

Sunday we went to church and it was a long service we had 5 Baptisms and 4 new members join the church. Plus we had communion. So most of us never got out of the church until almost 12:45. Then we decided to go to the Qwest Center and see the display of the Aqua zone thing that they had during the swim trials. Here are a few pictures that I took.

Now these were kinda neat they are the swimsuits from the past to the present. I can even remember a few of them. I remember watching the Olympics and seeing some of them when I was a kid. That wasn't that long ago either hehehehe!!!