Monday, June 30, 2008

Very exciting news

My sister in law Kim emailed me today and said that her son Joe asked his girl friend Cassie to marry him. And she said yes!!!!! He asked her this past Wednesday. How exciting for them. I wish both of them the best. I was wondering how long it was going to take him to ask her. I think they have been dating for about three or four years now. Congratulations guys!!!

Very busy Sunday

We had church in the city park yesterday morning. It was a community service, very nice. Our church choir sang three song yeah three count them one, two, three! Everyone said we did a great job. Here is a picture on us singing. This should surprise Dee Ann that the choir is back in action. Then PROG (Pisgah Reach Out Group) had lunch which was really good. I really liked the strawberry short cake!! MMMMMM Good!!!!

Then after we got our tummies full went to Ralph Hussings ordination to Elder ship I guess is what you would call it. And had cake there. Then after that we took mom to go and see the tornado damage at the Little Sioux Scout Ranch. And we also took her to the look out. We have never taken her there. I know I know for shame on me for not taken her there. It is not like it is hours away? So here are a few pictures from that drive.The one picture is of the flag at half staff at the Boy Scouts Camp.

And yes we took Chill along for the fun drive so here is some of his high lights. As you can see we went to Dairy Queen again! Chill even got to meet Jaysa Lawrenson and her mommy and daddy. He wanted to go home with Jaysa but her owner would be lost with out her!

Hey Chill I think that sundae is bigger than you are. You will look like a black and white pig instead of a penguin!!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

She beat me She beat me!!!!

Today mom and I played bowling on the Wii. And guess what she finally beat me at bowling. I must of had a down day!! Nah I just let her win for once! No just kidding we just haven't played for a long time and I was really rusty! So here is the proof that she beat me at bowling on the Wii. I recommend this to everyone it is great exercise!!!
Don't our little Wii people look like us? They are just tooo darn cute!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

She's coming home!

Well today is the last day of mom's vacation! I talked to her this morning cause I had to tell her that she would be coming home on a bus and not a train. She is so cute, she was worried where they were going to put her luggage at. I told her not to worry that there would be room. She is leaving the same time as the train would of been and arriving the same time in Omaha so that is good. I will have to get up early cause I think her bus doesn't come in until 5:59 AM so early rise I will be. She is excited about coming home I think. Kinda like most people she misses her bed! We had a laid back Sunday I didn't get every thing done that I wanted to. Like clean the house. Well the night is not over yet so there will be time yet? Don't see it happening though. I just hate being so lazy some times. I hope to have energy here real soon though. Have a great evening ya all!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why women need catalogs

To all you ladies out there who feel like doing this. I take my hat off to those of us who are human and have had these feeling of doing this exact same thing. Now to how I got this video, a really good friend sent this to me and I have just got to pass it on to you!! I hope you enjoy it! This is just to funny, I have to admit I feel like doing this some days. Sorry honey I really do love you!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


You want to hear some thing funny? This shows you how air headed I can be. My mom called tonight and she is having fun! Her class reunion was really nice she said. Everyone that seen her album that she made, really liked it! Well any who I told her that we were going to go up to Preporation Park t see the damage up there. Well by the time we delivered the bulletins and got some thing to eat we headed up to Preporation Park we couldn't get in very far they have it blocked off. But we seen where the tornado came down the valley. So I stopped to see if we could get a picture we knew it might not turn out cause it was getting dark already but I told peanut to try any way. Well she tried alright but guess who for got to put the memory card back in the camera. Yap you got it I did!!! Silly me! I guess we might try tomorrow. I hope everyone has a very Happy father's day!!! Happy Father's day dad!! :0) Oh yeah guess where the card was right where I left it in the computer here. dah!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Took a little drive

Went for a drive to see the damage from the tornado. Here are a few of the pictures. I didn't take any of the boy scout camp but I did take one of all of the media that was there. The devastation is just unreal, and so sad. Our prayers go out to the families that had children here. I can't even say I know what they went through.

After we went and see some of the damage we headed down to Onawa for some ice cream and some thing to eat. We took Chill with us and he tried to eat Eric's waffle sundae! So here is a picture of that.

Then when we were done eating I drove then and took the interstate to see if there was any damage along it. We didn't really see any but who am I to say about that. So then we went to see how full the Missouri River was and had a beautiful treat with this sunset. And yes it is very full and flowing really fast. Stephanie took the sunset picture. Good job peanut!!!!!

She's off and fine as frogs hair!

Well we finally got mom to Colorado early this morning about 4:00 AM the train finally came. Her original time was 10:29 PM the 11th. With all the rain and storm we have had the train was way delayed. But we finally got her on her way. And Stephanie is home safe and sound too. She got home right after the storm went through. She had a great time but really tired. You will have to read her blog and her penguin's adventures too when she ever gets it caught up! She had lots of pictures to show. We have some flooding in the county. A lot of fields are under water as we speak. The sad part it is going to be too late to replant by the time it gets dried out.

Next we are all fine as frogs hair! We had a tornado hit just about 7-9 miles form here. It hit a boy scout camp. Unfortunately it killed 4 young boys. One also was in Moore head too. That is where Eric's mom lives. So when we found out that one had hit or was in Moorhead we headed up there to make sure she was fine. And she was. I have never of thought that we even had tornado's last night. They said it was a tornado wrapped in water. They are the most hardest to see cause of the rain. I am just glad and thank God we are all safe!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Garage Sale finds

Okay I have to admit that I don't go to garage sales much. I got this really neat quilt rack at our church's garage sale. Pss I went shoppen a little early before some one else got it. Any who I more less feel that I have enough junk of my own with out have to buy some one else junk. Well I got me a quilt rack that I have been looking for so I can hang my quilt that My grandma K. gave me when we got married. Garage sales are really big deals out here. I guess I really don't go to too many of them, I think I have gone to more sense I have moved out here than I did the whole time I was married. Now to the other neat find.

I found these neat things for Stephanie as you read in my blog before this I had told her that I found some thing for her. Well I guess I think I made her wait long enough that is even if she has read the other blog she will know about this. Now for the drum roll here is

what else I found at the garage sale. pretty cool? I even remember playing with Lego's when I was a kid. Enjoy peanut!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well our daughter has left the coup for 10 day with her boyfriend and family. They are headed out to New York to visit Travis's Aunt and Uncle. She left Monday about noon and we have finally made contact with the world beyond. She emailed me this morning and I just noticed that she posted on her blog so if you are interested on what she has been up too you can look over to the right and click on where it says My peeps and then click on where it says My Daughter (Stephanie) and check out what she is doing. Oh yeah I just love her banner on her page it is worth the look any way!
Today I helped get all the garage stuff ready for Sat. at the church and brought three tables down for the ladies. It took six of us two and a half hours to get every thing ready. I think all they need to do it price every thing!!! Oh yeah peanut I got you some thing form the garage sale but I am going to keep you hanging for a little bit then I will post what I got for you!! Don't you just love me!!!
Well gotta run and do the Wii so I can beat all of peanuts scores :0)!!

Tata for now!