Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well Halloween is over. I am glad of this. I have never been a fan of Halloween. I hate being scared and not knowing who is under those masks. We had about 35-40 trick or treaters this year. I think last year we only had about 15. It is good to see that there was still some home made costumes. I really like those the best. The creativity shows more when they make their own. Happy Halloween all!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A week has gone by!

Okay where was I the past week that I was so busy to blog? Or should I say how lazy I have been the past week. Well today is Sunday the 28th and the Rockie are on the Virge of loosing the World Series. They are in Colorado tonight and they were in Colorado last night also. If they loose tonight it is all over the Boston Red sox's as I said swept them under the run. I do have to take my hat off to them they do have a really good pitching team. I have a picture that was taken in Colorado not to far from where I grew up. This farmer sent a message to the Rockies in his field. I thought it was pretty cool.

Tuesday I went scrapbooking with my bestest friend and partner in crime Dee Dee. We had a great time. She is still working on her Paris book witch is turning out really cool. I did some old pages like of my nephew and niece's graduation 2005! I am so far behind it is unreal. I will post some this week of what pages I did.

Bible Study Monday night was interesting to say the least. I have had a problem understanding what I am to be doing. Well tomorrow is Monday and I still haven't done this week lessons. I just can't get my self to do my lessons. I hope and pray I get better at this.

Well here it is that time again I usually try to make it to Halloween but I just seem to not make it. I turned on the heat Saturday Oct. 27th. It really hasn't ran much except for the night early mornings. I just hate having to turn on the heat. But one good thing it does mean that winter and snow is coming!!!

WEll Rockies it has been a great ride this year. Win this game tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Over the Weekend!!!

Well here it is Sunday evening and all is quit, well all except the TV that has the Denver Broncos and the Steeler game on. The score right now is 7-14 Denver is ahead!!! Yeah you read that one right Denver is ahead! But it is only second quarter though. Well We had a great weekend with Stephanie being home. She brought Travis's WII home and we had a great time with it. We played bowling and guess what I had a Turkey, now just keep in mind I really stink at bowling in real life so this is really big for me!!! I even beat Eric in that game. So I was really tickled. And yes I did take pictures so here they are. Then my adopted daughter Marae (Stephanie's best friend) came over and then they played Dance Dance so I also have posted a few of those too. Marea came over Sat. afternoon after Stephanie and I came home from a craft fair, which we didn't buy a thing. It was a really waist of time for us!!! Well the the score is now 7-21 and it is half time. Go Broncos!!! Eric just got home so I am going to get him something to eat, while he enjoys the ball game!!!

Oh yeah I guess we are going to get us a WII also. We had a great family time together Friday night!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Break

Hey Stephanie is home for fall break. I went up to Sioux City Wednesday and picked her up and did some shopping and then we came home. I was just finishing up my Church stuff and heard this noise coming from the living room. Well Stephanie is in there playing withTravis's WII, He let her bring it home to show us and to get us to try our hands at it. She is snow boarding. So I thought I would take some pictures of her playing it and to show you what college students do on their school breaks!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Can U say SWEEP!!!!!!!

Here we go to the World Series here we GO! (clap, clap)
Here we go to the World Series here we GO! (clap, Clap)
Here we go to the World Series here we GO! (clap, clap)
Here we go to the World Series here we GO! (clap, Clap)

They have SWEPT the Arizona Diamondbacks. The final of the game was 4-6 the Colorado Rockies!!!!!

Excitement is in the Margheim and Springer house tonight!!!!!!

It is now 1:07AM on the 16th of October!!!

I can't believe I am blogging this early in the morning I am really excited!!

Night to all my Colorado family.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I know I know

I know what kinda of fan am I if I can't keep my blog up and going. Well tonight is the big night, the Colorado Rockies are playing, hopefully their last game before they go to the World Series. They have won the first three games so if they win tonight they are on their way to the World Series. They are playing the Arizona Diamondbacks. Shiver at the thought of snakes. I hate snakes they make my skin crawl. And also tonight yeah you guessed it Dancing with the stars. And I am going to miss it to night. We are starting a new bible study at church with our Pastor. So now I have to figure out a way to record it with out messing up mom's tv. But I know I will get it figured out. Well toodles for now gotta get supper done!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Sense we last saw each other I was telling you that the Rockie's won two games in the series. Well the good new is that they swept the Phillies and now this Thursday they are playing I Arizona Diamond Backs. This series it is the best out of 7 games.

Denver blew chunks all over! The light was on but now one was home as they say!!!
Then there was the Iowa Hawkeyes that did the same thing. Come on boys get your acts together. But now the Colorado Buffs won is high style which is really cool. Eric said he will just have to root for the Buffs the rest of the season. And that doesn't hurt me one bit.

Now on to Dancing With the Stars last night: Marie Osmond was aw some as normal!! Jane Seymour did great too! My heart and prayers go out to her with the loss of her mom. I am sure this was really hard for her to do. I can't wait until tonight to see who get the bump now.. I voted for the two above and also Wayne Newton and Cameron Mathison. So I am hoping they can hang on till the end but I know this years crop is so good it is really hard to choose which ones to pick that I would want to win because they are all so good.

tata for now!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Two down One to go

Yeah I am talking about those Rockies. The just won their second game in the chase to the would series. Can we say way to GO!!! Buy the way for you non baseball fans the Rockies is a baseball team and they are on the roadto the world series. They played the Philadelphia Phillies. Now they are going home to play Sat. In Coors Field!!! The Mile High State, good ole Colorado. Boy I sure wish we could go and watch that ball game I think it is going to be a good one. Especially sense they are playing at home.

Here we go Rockies here we go!
Here we go Rockies here we go!
All the way they say!!!!

I am just so excited just a little bit more excited as I was when the Cardinals went to the World series.

Just a little note The Cubbies are not doing as good ooops!! Sorry little brother, Jeff, & Joe!!!! hehehe
I know he who laughs fist laughs last!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Marie Osmond - Dancing With the Starved!

For those of you who know me I really like Marie Osmond. I grew up watching her and Donny. They both still look great I wish I look that great and can move that great. I found this video and thought it was cute so I am sharing it with you all. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Colorado Rockies Rule

Hooray for the Rockies that is the Colorado Rockies they are the wild card for the NL. I have been a fan ever sense they have been a ball team. I have been able to see them play at Coors Field a few times. Would like to see them more but you know how that is you live far away and don't make it there all the time. I was reading in the Greeley Trib. that "Rockies fever catching on in Denver" was the one of the head lines, and if you ask me it is a little to late to be supporting them now! I have watched the games when I can and I was just ashamed of the support that they have been getting the stands were always pretty much empty every time I would get to watch some of the games. And low and be hold Monday night they were filled to the rafters. Now if this was the Broncos they have always supported them no matter how well they have done. Why can't they do that for the Rockies. I wish the Rockies all the best Wed. night. By the way the game went into extra innings Monday night. They pulled it out in the 13th inning. Wow what a nail biter!!! They played the Padres last night. The final score was Rockie 9 and the Padres 8.

Well now that I said my peace about how Colorado fans treat the Rockies I guess I will let it go now. One last punch it is sad that they can only root for the Rockies when they are winning.

Go Rockies!!!