Friday, August 24, 2007


I just love bargains. Stephanie is just going to freak when she see these. I bought four pair of flip flop for $.19 apiece. We are going to make really neat photo albums with them. We have been buying them for $.99 apiece but when I found these I thought I hit the jackpot. I like it when it make a caching in my pocket when I find bargains. Stephanie doesn't know I found them yet so we will see if she ever looks at my blog soon. I thought these were the coolest ones we have bought so far.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Have you ever had to wait for a result from a test score and a call from a doc to tell you what they have found out? Well this is how I feel today as I wait to hear from our little girl, to see how her first day was of college. I am sure it was exciting and very nervous day for her. I know she will enjoy it as she gets more into the scheme of things. Now all I have to do is play the waiting game.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

wanting to be free?

Well I am not to sure I am ready to let my little girl be free yet. Yesterday
8-18-07 she left us for three other girls. Can you believe that her own parents ain't good enough. :0) Here she is packing Saturday morning for college. Working really hard at it? I think Uncle Don should see this room now. (Inside joke) Here is a picture of some of what the car looked like. She also had Travis's car full too. And one of her Today in her dorm room. I think she like it?
She says it rocks. But last night was a had night first night away from home. :0(

Wish you all the best of luck my little girl. (peanut)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Taken my own picture

Oh yuck what an adventure of trying to take my own picture of myself. I have never done this so I thought what the hey let me give it a try, Stephanie does it all the time so if she can do it I should be able to give a good stab at it. Well the picture that I posted of me is one of five that I took. I am going to scrapbook one and do it like Anna did on her blog. She has the neatest blog. And she does a great job of keeping it up to date. I hope my is as funny and as creative as hers is. I have had help from the younger generation on how to do things on this but I will get the hang of it soon? I hope any way :-) I really hope every one enjoys my site.

Taken senior pictures

It always helps to have a good subject like my niece Holly. This morning I took a trek to Onowa and took her senior pictures. I personally think they turned out great. I know one she will not put in the year book but it just reminds me of how fun loving she is. With converse sneakers in tow and a formal dress it is priceless. I have had fun doing neat things to her pictures. Some I have done things too like putting her name on them and some I made black and white. Which in my opinion is way cool. Take a peak and see for your self. Toddles

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hooked on Ice coffee

I would have never thought that I would be hooked on Ice coffee from Micky D's. I think I have had about 6 of them this week alone. And we live 30 miles from the closest Micky D's. I like the hazelnut one the best. Stephanie likes the vanilla one. Yeah she likes them too. I have even started making coffee at home so I can make my own. This is just a horrible yummy thing to be liking. As you can see by the picture I have it almost gone. This is just a sin to like this coffee as much as I do. I hope you get a chance to have this out of this world drink. It is just fantastic. So smooth and so just I have no other words to describe this scrumptious drink.