Friday, June 22, 2012


Sitting on the couch chilling this morning and looking outside and see what I thought was smoke coming from the deck and thought the deck was on fire and with closer look it was just the steam coming off the chairs on the deck.  I tell you what I was a little scared there for a minute.  So you know me had to take a picture of the steam coming off the chairs.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Been shoppin again!

Okay while in Omaha over last weekend we went to Nebraska furniture and did a little shoppin.  Love when they have their interest for a long period of times.  So as you can see we bought a new couch and a patio set.  We borrowed a lady from church her pickup and went and got them yesterday.  We tried to put them in the Malibu Sunday (except for the couch)  we wanted to bring the patio furniture home but lol it wouldn't fit.  Go figure!    Okay peanut here is our new furniture!   :-)

Werner Park #2

Okay second day at the ball field and different seats so no foul ball is going to get me this time.  This time the Memphis Red Birds won the game.  It was really fun but it took me a while to no be so nervous from being hit by a foul ball. 

Here are pictures of Kim and I with the mascots.  Ending a great day at the ball field!

Werner Park

Had a fun day at Werner Park June 2nd.  We have never been to the park before so Eric decided we needed to go.  So we went with Jeff and Kim. We had a great time the Storm Chasers won and the fire works were totally awesome!  The only miss hap we had the whole day was that I got hit by a foul ball right in my upper leg.  I was so thankful that it hit there and not in my arm or face or the baby that was sitting behind me.  I was also holding my camera so I am thankful it didn't hit that also.  God was sure watching out for me.  Thank you Jesus.  Play ball!!!