Monday, April 27, 2009

scrap book challange

On Sisterhood of Scrap this past week they have had a "Rock Around the Clock" Crop.  So I thought that I would join in and here is one of my LO for Challange 9.  Here is the web site that I found this challange at:  I hope you enjoy this LO.  I was to ~ Use either a 12-inch circle OR a 7-inch circle on your layout
~ Have the color black somewhere on your page
~ In honor of Elvis, include lots of BLING!
If you use one of these Top 20 Pop Billboard singles in your title, I'll add your name an extra time for the prize draw!

WEll I did every thing and I even added a song into my title.  I was so shocked when I came across this challange cause my daughter just got engaged and her wedding colors are red, black and silver and the song I picked worked perfect for it.  I hope everyone enjoys my page.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sound of Music | Central Station Antwerp (Belgium)

My Aunt Ella Mae sent this to me. And I just can't stop singing to it. I dare you not to sing with it. Watch the faces of everyone. One person is even dancing while chatting on his phone.



I can't keep it a secret any longer!!

Okay by normal circumstances I can keep secrets for a very long time, but this was so juicy that it was very hard for me to keep. But I finally have permission to tell everyone! Tuesday night about 11:00 pm well lets start at the beginning. Tuesday we had a prayer service we attended for a very very dear lady of our church. When we got home I didn't check my email until about 10:30 pm. And I found the email from Travis, Stephanie's boy friend wanting out home phone number so he could call us cause he wanted to ask us some thing. Well being the good mom that I am I knew what he wanted. So I emailed him our phone numbers and such. I wasn't tired so I thought I would get onto MSN and see if Peanut (Stephanie) was on there well sense I am on her computer, when I signed in I had no peeps. Which kinda confused me so I looked up Travis email and got him back on my MSN so I can see what he really wanted. Well to make a long story short I woke up Eric and then told Travis to call the house. So he did and it was now 11:00 pm. And he asked Eric for his daughters hand in marriage. Isn't that so sweet I was very proud of him Tuesday night.

Well Wednesday came around and we had to be still about what we knew. Travis didn't know for sure when he was going to ask but we were not to talk to her until he had asked her. Boy was that the longest day in my life. :0) We went to the funeral and then came home and she still had not called, so we went to the arches and got a hamburger for supper and came home. finally around 8:30 pm she finally called. Just a crying her eyes out. I asked what happened was she hurt trying to act like I didn't know what was going on. After a five minutes she finally calmed down enough she told me. She is so excited and happy. And we are happy for them both. Here is a picture of the ring it is not the best but it will do for now. It is silver with two hearts and she said it has four diamonds in it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Call ring ring

Stephanie: Hey mom do you have snow?

Mom: Yeah about 5 inches.

Stephanie: What we only have about an inch if that!

So I take it Sioux City had gotton hardly nothing. They were to get alot more than we did and it is total opposite. So here is the a couple of pictures from my kitchen window.


It is a pretty snow but as we all know spring storms the snow is very wet, and this one is no exception. the wind blew hard enough over the night it blew our gas grill up to the picnic table. I will post more pictures if they get taken. Thanks for stoppen by and have a Blessed Sunday!

Pictures I promised

Here are the pictures I took from our big day well peanut took a few of them. And also some from grand march at West Harrison (Prom).

My new cool awesome jacket.

MMMMM Fried Ice cream!!!!
The one in the red Dress is our niece Kara and her date

This next one is of Lyndsey one of our friends daughter and her date.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

Rain, Rain, Rain go away come back another day. Well Today was a very special day I celebrated the day with my favorite guy in the world. It is our 22nd Wedding Anniversary. I will have to down load pictures later of what we did cause my computer is on the Fritz. I need a new mother board. Eric bought me a Tony Stewart jacket it is sweeeeet. And we went to La Masa for lunch - dinner Great Mexican food my favorite place in the whole wide world to eat. Well the kid just called and said they made it to Sioux City and it is starting to snow there so it is coming!!! I also have prom pictures of my niece and nephew at prom but can't show those either until I know how to down load them onto peanuts computer. It was a great day all around. Stay warm and safe all. Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

God is so good!!

It just amazes me how he works (God). My brother got a job in Cheyenne Wy. at the same place he worked at before they moved up to Idaho. they were glad to have him back. Also his father-in-law is buying him a new truck when he comes back in about two weeks, and has offered to get them a house. WOW! I am so happy for him. It just shows what prayers can do!!! I am glad they are moving back to Cheyenne I hope we can see more of them now!