Sunday, September 11, 2011

The glow of the Hot Air Balloons

This is just to funny I haven't posted in months and in one day I have posted four times...LOL
Here it is about 7:30 and the balloons are coming back.  While waiting I took a couple of pictures of the moon and the Kettle corn that Eric got.  The rest of the pictures are of the balloons in all their glory.  Totally awesome!!!  Thanks honey for taking me I really enjoyed the day!  Oh by the way I took 379 pictures yesterday so it was really hard ti figure out which ones I wanted to share with you.

Third post of the day.....

Now after going to my brother in laws to watch Iowa and Iowa St. play football......Don't ask who won pretty boring game!  Any way we went back to the Orchard at 5:30 to watch the balloons take off again and this time they were there to our great and happy surprise!  Here are the pictures I took at set up and take off.  I am soooooo very proud of my pictures I took I think I am getting the hang of this picture taking thing.  LOL

Hot Air Balloons

Yesterday morning we left to meet Stephanie in Mondamin so we can go and watch the Hot Air Balloons take off at Ditmars Orchard in Council Bluffs.  When we got there after a few detours and missing where to turn to go to Ditmars we finally found it.  Well the balloons were not going to take off there, but they were going to land there.  So here are the pictures of the balloons when they landed near the Orchard.  Hope you enjoy them.

Corn Maze

I never thought in my wildest dreams I would do a corn maze.  Well that was not on our list of things to do yesterday.  We thought we were going to go and see some hot air balloons take off in Council Bluffs but the wind was not quit right so while we waited for them to land at the orchard we went in the corn maze.  I have never been to crazy about going into a corn field the way it is, I don't like the feeling of being lost and don't know how to get out.  Here are the pictures I took while Eric, Stephanie and I were walking our way through it.