Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Busy Day

I have not had this busy of a day in a very long time. Yesterday Nov. 27th mom and I headed out for Omaha and got some things done there. Then we had lunch at Cracker Barrel, I haven't eaten there in about a year or more. I had my normal the chicken salad, only ate half though couldn't eat it all. I remember when I would eat until I was stuffed and couldn't stuff no more. After we ate I took mom to her eye doctors appointment. While she was doing that which normally takes a long time only took about an hour this time which figures cause I was running late on my shopping. Any way I went grocery shopping while she was there and things were going smooth I went to No Frills and got what I needed there and then went to Sam's. Just love that place. I finally found every thing I needed there then went to Wal Mart. Going smooth there until I tried to pick up a box of small candy canes, when I picked the box up they all fell all over the floor and my buggie, 100 pieces of candy canes every where. Some nice clerk helped me get them picked up and gave me a new box. I had to handle with kit gloves if you know what I mean. Well any way on my way to the check out stand. I go a pulling in and guess what the buggie hit where you put your groceries on and it broke the corner. I just wanted to dig a hole and berry my self. At this point I am thinking do you really want to go to Sioux City yet tonight? Well got the groceries in the car and it is 3:30 wow I am doing well it has only taken me an hour and a half to get my shoppen done. Hop in the car and off to pick up mom. Well I forgot the road construction between here Wal Mart and where my mom was. So yeah you got it I was in a traffic jam until almost 4:00 PM. Well I finally got to where mom was and found out that she was done at 2:30 and I drooped her off at 1:45 or so. So she had to play the waiting game. Sorry! So we go and get gas and while I am filling up I wanted to see how much more gas I need and opened the door and every thing from my wallet feel out onto the ground and the wind is blowing so here I am chasing my cards around the gas station. Buy this time it is 4:40 and I need to be in Sioux City by 6:30 or close to it. So we head down the road and stop in Missouri Valley for supper for mom and Eric. We pull into Mondamin at 5:12. Pass Eric as he is leaving work. By this time I have started to panic and think I am never going to get there. Get home change clothes and leave about 5:40 Off to Sioux City I go. You know I made it by 6:35. Called Stephanie and told her to meet me out side of her dorm. By know you are wondering what all the fuss is about. I am taking peanut to see Rent at the Orphaum. We get there in time park and found our seats. Now you would think this place knows how many seats they sell. Stephanie didn't get her a play bill which really made me made for the money I spent to go. But I told her that after the play that there would be some on the floor that people leave behind, well there was so she got one. That play was so LOUD I couldn't understand what they were singing or saying. I was kinda shocked on what they did. It was an okay play but I won't pay money to go and see it again. It is not for some young kids. After this was all over with we waited to go to the car well that was another excitement to my day, we couldn't find it but it was kinda cool when we went back into where we needed to get back on the elevator, which we had to stand for some time and now we know why. When the door opened out came some of the cast members. I didn't say and thing I figured Stephanie would of. But she didn't, when we got into the elevator a young man and a young girl were just busting out in the seams they got their autographs and we just a screaming. Then that is when it dawned on Stephanie who they were. I was funny to watch her face when she realized who they were. Kinda funny in a way but I wish I would of said some thing. Oh well was not meant to be. She will still have a story to tell. Well we finally found the car and laughed about all the silly things that had happened to us that night. Stoped at Burger king and got a couple of burgers and went up to her dorm room to find out who won Dancing of the Stars and eat our hamburgers. Helio won and Marie place third bummer. But she did awesome any way. Well I finally got home about 12:30AM this morning what a busy night!!! I had a great night with my daughter it was really fun. Some day I might be able to do that again but see a different one. Just one regret wish we would of take a picture of the two of us there.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Last Night Christmas for the mothers

Last night we made a trek to Sioux City to see Brule'. We have see them now for three years straight. Once in Omaha and the last two times in Sioux City. We enjoy it every year more and more. But it is a very long night, we didn't get home until midnight Saturday night, or early this morning. To late for this old foggie!! We had super at Chillies in Sioux City and then we went to the concert. Super was just so good. Mom, Stephanie and I all had Margarita grilled chicken with black beans and rice. mmmmm so good!!! Eric had steak and Eric's mom (Mom # 2) had chicken fried steak which I think that is what I am getting next time. It looked so good too. But alot of food though. Here is some pictures of us after the concert with the band members, and Hoops!!! I just love Hoops!!! He is so fun to watch. He dances with hoops and is very good at it. They are all such nice people they stay until the last fan is gone. they sign autographs and take picutres with who ever wants one. Just too cool. It makes feel like a young kid again going to concerts. The costums are just beautiful the colors and the work that goes into them is just unreal.


Okay now we are to Thanksgiving day. Oh my I have never seen so much food in one place in a very long time. We had Thanksgiving in our Churches fellowship hall. It has been a tradition in the McWilliams family to get together for a picnic in the summer and Thanksgiving. This would be Eric's side of the family that does this. His Grandma White (Edna) was a McWilliam. My mom even came this year which meant a lot to me. I am so happy that she came and ate with us. That is what I was so very thankful for that day. I just hate it when she sits at home on holiday's and doesn't go with us. I feel torn when she doesn't come. But here are a few pictures of our Thanksgiving day!!! Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Tuesday November 20, 2007

Ok Ok I know I am going backward but I just had to show off Stephanie's new dew. And yes it takes president over the first snow fall of the season. I took some pic that morning so I can show everyone that day but just never did it. Bad girl that I am. We didn't get much but what we did get put a big grin on my face. For those who know me know that I love snow!!! It is just so pretty when if falls and when it is big fluffy flakes. Yeah I am a big flake too!! So here are some of the photos of that beautiful snow fall we had but didn't last long!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yeah I know I am behind so now I am going to get you all up to date on what is going on in our lives, and we are starting out with this past Wednesday. It all began with a chat on MSN with my daughter Tuesday night. As I remember right it all started with hey mom I have a surprise for you. So I asked her what it was and she said that I had to wait till Wednesday. Do you really think I was going to leave this one alone and not bug her until she would tell me what it was. Nope you got that one right. I bugged her and I bugged her until I could not stay up any more Tuesday night. So now it is Wednesday and I still haven't a clue what the surprise was. In the middle of the night I remember her telling me that Travis was getting his hair cut so I just figured that is what it was. Noon came around and no Stephanie then it dawned on me that she still had classes until 12:20 so now it will be longer. You know I found out I hate surprises!!! Well Eric came home early and she still was not home but about fifteen minutes later in walks my daughter and to my surprise she had cut her hair. Yeah cut her hair. Betcha you thought that I was going to say that she had an engagement ring. I knew that was not it. I just love it after years of begging her to get it cut she finally did it. It is so cute!!!!! Here is a couple of pictures of her Thanksgiving that I took of her with her new dew!!! Love it, love it!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's like Christmas

Oh I am so excited!!! Today it is like Christmas for me, Hairspray came out in DVD today and also so did Santa Clause the Escape came out. I just love both these movies. I can't wait to watch them both. Think it is going to be a long night. I want to watch them both!!!! I just can't contain my excitement!!

I bought what I needed for Thanksgiving dinner today I am making a pumpkin pie desert, and a snickers Salad. I am also making Tom the Turkey. Think I will take it over to the church and cook it over there that way we are not trying to carry a hot bird.

Peanut is coming home tomorrow. Yeah!!!! I guess I better get all her gifts wraped up they are all over the house. So I will chat with you all later!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

long time no see

Sorry I haven't kept up my blog very well. Eric went back to work this Monday and is doing better. Still gets a little sore in some spots yet, but other than that he is almost back to his good ol self. I have been very busy making cookies for the local bank in town for the 6, 7th of December. It will be for their open house. I have to make 14 doz. cookies. I am planning on making 14 different kinds so that means I have only made so far three different kinds. I had to stop today cause I have no eggs to continue. I am taking mom to the eye doctor in Council Bluff tomorrow so I will get some more then. Monday nights we have a bible study with our pastor and then Wednesday's the ladies of the church have an other one. The one on Monday's is very over whelming to me. We are doing it on Discipleship. And the one on Wednesday's is on a Joyce Myers study. That one is pretty good too. Stephanie is doing okay in school. She is struggling in a couple of her classes and with her room mates.

I just got done reading Anna's blogg and she is so blessed in all aspects of her life, she is one girl who knows who she is and what she wants out of her life. She is going on the right track. I hope some day I can feel that way too. With my family and the things I accomplished in my life and have the love and passion for God like she does.

I have not scrapbooked sense I went to Sioux City with my buddy Dee Dee. And I need to get some pages finished. I am making my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Don a scrapbook for their 50th wedding anniversary that will be coming up in a year or so.

Deb and Bill Nelsen will celebrating their 25th anniversary this weekend. We were invited to go to the dinner Friday night. I sure hope we can go. I think we will be late but we are sure going to try to go. Congrats guys!!! Many more to you!!!

I am coming to the conclusion that I need to make better time of my time God has given me. I need to stop saying things need to get done and just do them instead of sitting around complaining. I have found my self doing alot of that lately. I don't feel like doing any thing but I guess it is up to me to get things done!!

Hey guess what Marie is still in dancing with the stars. I am so happy for her she really need this boost right now. She lost her dad a week ago and I know how hard that can be. My prayers are with the family.

tootles for now!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


A dear friend sent this to me and it is worth the watch.

Gods Blessings to all who watch.


No we are not talking about the shingles on the roof, yeah you got it, we are talking about the shingles that humans get. Guess who has them? No not me and no not my mom she has had them though. That leaves Eric. Thursday night he came home and asked me if there was some thing on his side and back but I couldn't see any thing as of yet. And I asked him why, and he said it just itches so bad. I asked him if he gotten some chemicals on himself but he said he didn't think so. I thought it might be from the laundry soap or something like that. Never gave it another thought. Yesterday while I was at coffee he had called the house twice and asked if I was at home. So when I got home I called him at work and he told me he need to see a doctor. I thought he had hurt himself worse. See he has a hernia and I thought he really aggravated that to where he was in some really bad pain. So he called and made an appointment and we went to find out what was going on. And come to find out it was the shingles. I just can't believe it. The doc gave him some meds for about a week so I really hope it works. I have seen people suffer with this for months into years. I am asking for prayers for him for a speedy recovery. :0)