Monday, January 4, 2010


Okay I can't believe I am saying this and it is coming out of my mouth. I have had enough SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had about 24 inches Christmas and had another 3 inches Sunday and now another 4-7 is on it's way. It probably wouldn't be so bad but we are running out of room to put all of this snow. This morning it was a big whopping -22 degrees and right now it warmer at -8 degrees. We are having a heat wave!!!! LOL Stephanie might have to leave early to go back to school in Sheldon, or she will miss classes Thursday. Never thought that I would see this much snow at once. I did see it when I was a kid (which was not to long ago LOL) Some one told me that the ground doesn't even have frost in it if any. I walked to town this morning, it wasn't to bad cause there was no wind. The ol scarf did freeze up from me breathing on it and the coat made crackling noises when I walked so that is cold. Thought it just might shatter from all the cold. The little beast started up this morning but was a little mad. Well stay warm and safe.

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