Thursday, June 17, 2010


Okay I know it has been a long time that I have posted any thing on my blog.  I guess I have let Face Book do all the talking for me.  I have loads of pictures to share with you and lots of news to share.  I am hoping we can start with the old and end up with the new.  Downloading pictures on here just confuse me to no end.  I can't get the, to down load the way I want them to.  Guess that is what happens when you don't keep things up dated!!!!!  We will start on April 4th it was our 23rd wedding Anniversary and my loving sweet heart got me this plate and a April angel bell.  He is so sweet, what a lucky girl I am. Then he gifted me with George Strait and Reba concert tickets.  Do you know how long it has been that I have gone to a concert.  To long to remember!  Then we see Reba on stage on the next picture, what an amazing show.  I think she sang for over an hour and a half.  Opps I thought I had these posted but guess what I didn't.  Well this will get you some what up dated to what I have been up to.  This was to be posted on the 9th of April sorry.

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