Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Pictures

Friday I had fun scrapbooking with two very dear friends of mine.  We also celebrated Denise B. birthday.  Happy Birthday girl friend!!! (7-13-12)

Saturday we went to Lacy and Ryan's wedding reception.  I work with her mom at Jiffy.  It was a nice reception until the lights went out.  We finished eating and went home, it got to hot to just sit there.  The food was amazing!!!! (7-14-12)

This is Sunday at the Manona county fair.  This wood carver was amazing to watch he has a really God given talent!  (7-15-12)

Eric doing his Darth Vader impression.  LOL  just for Stephanie.

Here we have some hay bails.  I thought is was so pretty with the greens and the sky the way it was.

Glad you stopped by and enjoyed your visit through my lens.  

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