Sunday, November 11, 2012

A day in Iowa City!

11/10/2012 The morning started off about 5:00 am in Des Moines.  We ate breakfast at Perkins then headed out on the road.  The drive was nice seen loads of Hawkeye fans heading to the game.  We made it to Corallville about 8:30 am.  Found where to meet the train to go to the stadium but we decided not to do it this time so we headed out to the stadium.  While driving around we found a couple of places to park but thought we could get closer.  Mean while while we were driving around I seen Elvis all dressed up in Iowa Hawkeye clothes.  I so wanted to find him after we parked but we never did see him.  (Insert a big sigh!)  Well we ended up about a mile away and walked to the stadium.  I had my good camera in tote, and we headed for this mile walk.  Dang I can sure tell I am not in shape no more.  I have got to loss weight!!!  We made it to the stadium and seen the beautiful semi.  The art work is just amazing!  Chrome shop mafia ????  

Go Herkey!!!!!

Still looking for Elvis........

Mike a alum of the Hawkeyes.

Well this is all the pictures that I was able to take.  I found out when we went to go to our seats that my camera bag was too big so we was going to take it to a place that holds them for you and then the girl preceded to tell me that I could not take my camera in!!!!!  I looked right at her and said SERIOUSLY!!!!!  And she said no you can not bring it in all you can bring in is the pocket ones.........  So I packed my camera up and Eric took the two mile walk to the car and back with my pocket camera.  I sat and waited for him to come back.  Finally he gets back and we get into the stadium and I go and take pictures and guess what my battery is low in my pocket camera.  But I made it last through out the whole game.  What a relief!!   They are not the best of pictures but they will do I guess,  I am seeing a new pocket camera in my future....LOL  I will post those pictures later for you to see.  Thanks for stopping by!!!  Go Hawks!!!

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