Friday, May 23, 2008


Let me begin by thanking God for protecting my family members in Colorado. They had tornadoes all over Weld County. That is the county I grew up in. Any who my Aunt Shirley Biggs called us at 3:00 yesterday afternoon and said that they had tornadoes. When she said I never even could imagine the devastation that I was going to find when I looked it up on the Internet. Here is one of the sites that has pictures

They are really something. So after I got off the phone with my Aunt I emailed my Aunt Glory who I knew was in Greeley at her job. Hoping and praying that she would have news. You know this was a very long afternoon and evening. Any way she finally email me and said as far as she knew every one was okay!! Thank you Jesus. Where the tornado hit was in Windsor Where I have three Aunts and two uncles and numerous cousins and there families. Finally one of my other Aunts in Greeley called about 9:00 last night and said everyone is doing fine! My Auntie K. called and said that side of the family was all doing fine also. And tonight my mom finally got a hold of my Aunt and Uncle that live in Platteville where another one hit out side of that town. It is going to be a long hall to get every thing fixed and cleaned up. So I am asking for prayers for my family and all the victims of the tornado.

Here are some more pictures if you would like to look at them. tata

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