Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Eric just came home like some one set his pants on fire, and told me that the swans were at the pond just south of here. I knew they were there but haven't seen them as of yet. In fact I went past the pond twice today and never seen them, all I seen was the geese. So I got in the car to see the swans. Eric was so excited that I thought that he was going to drive right into the pond. I got out of the car and they were already swimming away cause Eric scared them driving in so fast. But I did get a few!!!


JenEFur said...

Rhonda loves swans

colosnowangel said...

They are very pretty. How are things going you way?

JenEFur said...

It's going OK, lonely alot of the time. Not many friends here, they're all in Pennsylvania. Last time I saw everyone was over Xmas. I'm getting my carpets cleaned tomorrow for fun lol. How are things your way? You guys should come to Texas, you'd like it.