Monday, March 2, 2009

Long time?

This will be picture heavy!

Sorry it has been a long time that I have posted any thing! I have been really bad about posting on my blog lately. I have been more wrapped up into Face book lately. I know, I know that is no excuse! Well sense I last posted, I went to Colorado for a very special occasion. My Aunt and Uncle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary the 22nd of Feb. I drove out with my mom and daughter. It was a nice time, we spent most of our time with my Aunt and Uncle. If you remember the end of July I asked for prayers for my Uncle that was seriously hurt on a 4-wheeler accident. We all was worried that this day would never come. But every ones prayers worked!!! I so thank everyone for the prayers. My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Don hold a very special place in my heart, they are like my brother and my second parents. They are very well loved! Well I took loads of pictures while we were out there. This first one is of my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Don at their anniversary party.

The next picture is of my Cousin Steve, his wife Dawn, my Cousin Alan, and my brother Doug and me. (me, Douglas, Dawn, Steve, & Alan)This one is very special to me. This is the first time that all of my cousins on my mom side have been together in about 13 years. Way tooo long if you ask me!! front row (Me, Dawn aka Cissy, back row Alan, Richie, Mike, Douglas, Steve, & Margie aka Kool Aide)

Then these are pictures of my brother and me, one is at the airport in Denver and the other one is at the party.

This is a picture of me with my Aunt Shirley, my mom, my Aunt Helen and me.

These are some of the flowers that they had gotten. Aren't they beautiful!!!!! This first picture Stephanie took.

Now we are off to Eastes Park. Oh what a fun afternoon except for my cousin getting a ticket. Here are some of the Elk that are in the park.Longs Peak. Aka my mountains! lolNow the next three pictures are funny. You know how much I just love my snow! Well I decided to try to have a snow ball fight with peanut but here are the results. The snow was softer than we thought. Stephanie coming to the rescue!!!

I was laughing so hard that I could not get up. My cousin Dawn asked me if I needed a tow truck. No I just need to quit laughing so I can get up!

The wet pants and still laughing about the whole thing!

And this is the Kearney Archway in Kearney Neb. I was driving when I took these. I know I know not a good example to my kid. (Kids don't do this while driving, it is harder than it looks!!!)

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