Thursday, October 29, 2009

And we are complaining on the rain we are getting?

Here are some snow totals from Colorado as of this morning. Just thought I would share these with you all.

Some of those totals as of 8:30 a.m., today:

Black Hawk, 40 inches.

Evergreen, 36.5 inches.

Stove Prairie, 35.3 inches.

Aspen Park, 33 inches.

Nederland, 31.5 inches.

Livermore, 27 inches.

Boulder, 24 inches.

Virginia Dale, 21.8 inches.

Fort Collins, 18.8 inches.

Estes Park, 18.7 inches.

Red Feather Lakes, 16 inches.

Johnstown, 15 inches.

Windsor, 14.6 inches.

Greeley, 13.3 inches.

Loveland, 13.2 inches.

Wellington, 12 inches.

New Raymer, 6 inches.

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