Thursday, February 18, 2010

# 23

Well Travis this is the closest look you are going to get to the wedding dress.  As you can see the dress bag grew legs and hands.  Thanks to Mom # 2 (Jackie)  I just love this picture it shows what fun we had today and the tears that came from mom (ME).  I think it just hit me like a tone of bricks that my baby is really getting married.  I don't think it would of bothered me as much but I helped her put her dress on this time.  Which was very special!  :0)  Eric's mom and my mom both got to see her try on her dress.  She looked soooooo pretty in that dress today and I know she will knock Travis's socks off when he see's her.  Eric hasn't see the dress yet but when peanut comes home again for a weekend I am sure we will show him the dress.  He wants to wait for her to show him the dress how sweet is that.  

Thanks for stopping buy!  Have a great Friday!

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