Saturday, March 20, 2010

Missouri over it's banks.

Missouri River over it banks.  We took a drive today and this is what we found.  We went to DeSoto Bend last weekend and the river was high then but I never thought it would get this high.  A lot of it is under water.  This picture was taken where you can park and watch the river.  We might of been able to drive through it but I didn't want to take a chance.
This one is looking the other direction where they had  
just put in a new bike run last year.  And most of it is
under water.

This one is by the Burtrand where it sunk.  You used to be like a beach like and you could have a picnic there.  If you look close enough you can see the picnic table in the water.

In this one you can tell where the river begins or ends.

Now we are going to where Little Sioux Camp ground is and show you the river from there.  These pictures were taken north of DeSoto Bend.
The one picture is of Eric going after a stick so he can start building the Ark.  LOL

Sorry I have been really bad about posting things but I guess things have been pretty boring around here.  These will be my pictures 30-36.

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