Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Class of 1982 30th Class reunion.

These pictures were taken Friday night August 3rd  It was so great seeing everyone again.
In the back ground you will see Leasa Magnuson (Wilkinson), Paul Rumrill with his back to us.
Sitting is Debbie M. Boy friend, Next to me is Debbie Michel Barba, Me and then Eric my sweetie. 

Doug Bohn, and Belinda Quiroz

These were taken at the LaSalle city park August 4th.  A small bunch showed up, but we still had a good time.  In this picture is Becky Schneider (Wiseman)

In the red hat is Glen Sharp, Paul Rumrill, Doug Bohn.

Kathy Mekelburg Sharp, Tami Crouse Magnuson.

Don Alles and his wife Theresa Alles  They are such a cute couple!

Doug's son, Doug Bohn, Don Alles, Glen Sharp Kathy Sharp Becky  Schneider, Sheryl Me LOL, Tami Magnuson, Tony Seader & Paul Rumrill.  It was great to see all the ones that showed up to bad more didn't come.

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