Monday, August 20, 2012

Katlyn's Wedding shower

Here a just a few of the pictures I took for Katlyn's wedding shower.  This is the card I made for her.

These jars are for all seasons and has Popsicle sticks for the guest to write an idea what to do during those seasons when they are bored.  It was a big hit they all had fun writing on them. 

Here is the center pieces for the tables sunflowers and a bride a groom with a picture of the couple.

Here are the sunflower cupcakes that I made for the occasion.

Katlyn (Bride), Jane (mother of the bride), Lindsey (Bride's sister and maid of honor)

Jane, Katlyn, Sarah (grandmother of the bride), and Lindsey

Jane, Katlyn, Deb (Aunt of the bride and my bestie), Lindsey, and Lynne (cousin of the bride and brides maid)


Sarah and her girls

The hostes

Katlyn looking at the cupcakes.

Lindsey being goofy!

Katlyn snooping at the gifts she's been caught in the act!

Katlyn got a bunch of nice gifts at her shower I don't think she got any duplicates at all.  We had a great time!  Sure do miss them.  :-)

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