Monday, February 25, 2008

I just don't understand

I just don't understand why every thing seems to happen at once to this family. As I last left you my computer was being fixed. Well now it has no Internet card as it tells me. So I am using my mom's until I can figure out what to do about my computer. To get you updated on thing that have been happening sense Feb. 1st. Wow it has been some time sense I have posted anything on my blog.

Feb. 6th I found out that I had the shingles. I had them on my right leg from my waist to my knee. As of today I am still struggling with them not as bad but I know they are still there.

Feb. 18th Eric had two doctor appointments in Onawa for pre surgery. While we were drive to the appointments we seen two yeah count them two bald eagles. Boy that was a treat to see that. But no camera as normal so no pictures. After his appointments we headed on up to Sioux City to pick up peanut and bring her home. We ate at Hu Hot Grill, boy that place is expensive!!!!

Feb. 19th Eric had his hernia surgery. He came home the next day. I am glad he is home I have a real hard time handling when I have a love one in the hospital. I feel like I am in more control when they are home. Travis came and took peanut back up to Sioux City for us. That was really nice of him to do that. Thanks Travis!

Oh yeah peanuts old roommate that was causing all the trouble is back in her dorm again and things have not changed. She is still the same trouble maker as when she left.

Okay back to what has been going on. The 21st. Eric's mom came and took us out for lunch. Well her and I went to Dave's and picked up the food and brought it back to the house cause Eric was not ready to go any where.

Sat. 23rd our Church had it's annual valentine dinner. We all went to eat. Travis Stephanie's boy friend even went with us. Peanut and I went to Fernando's for lunch together we had a real good time. Think Eric was getting tired of me being around. He wanted us out of the house. What do you think?

Sunday the 24th Eric thought he would be smart and walk to church and over did it. It really tired him out fast. So we stayed home the rest of the day. Our buddies from Indiana called and we talked to them for over an hour. We are planning on going to see them Labor day weekend. We hope to any way. It is always good to hear from them. We sure do miss running around with them though.

Oh yeah the day Eric's mom came to see him she brought me an early Birthday present. I have wanted a Spirograph just like the one I had when I was a kid. I ran the groves off the one I had. So I found some on EBay and asked her if she could still bid on thing for me, and she said that she could. I told her I just wanted to spend only $20.00 for one. Well guess what she got me one and it has came already. I can't wait to mess around with it. I told my self I wouldn't until I got some other things done that I need to get done like my taxes, and clean the house and my craft room. Well the rate I am going I will never get to play with it. I am planning scrapping that one some day I have to take a picture of it and one with me with it.

Today I took mom to the doctor and seen Grandma and Grandpa Raymond there. Come to find out grandpa fell and hurt his arm. He didn't break it but it is really bothering him. It rained all morning this morning and on our way home it snowed really BIG flakes. It was kinda pretty but I am SOOOOOOO ready for Spring. Yeah you heard me I the one that loves snow is ready for spring.

Oh by the way my niece Brittnie has been asked to be in the honor society. Pretty cool!!! We are all so proud of her. Way to go girl friend!!!

I also have to send peanuts computer back to get fixed also. She is having the same problem I am having NO Internet card. I really think her computer is a lemon!!! I have never had so much problem with a computer as we have had with this one. Oh well I guess that is life you can't expect things to go smooth all our lives can we? Or can we?

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