Saturday, February 2, 2008

I left you

Sense I last left you Travis's dad had my computer well it is back but not the same. I can't get my resolution back where it belongs and now when I try to see a movie on here it says that my video card or drivers are not compatible with media center. What ever that mean I guess it means it is really messed up. But I am managing. Last Saturday which was January 26th we took peanut to Omaha to see Dale Jr.'s new race car and the OCC chopper. Which was really cool by the way the the coolest was to see Tony Stewart's race car there. I was totally surprised that it was there. We looked at a lot of new cars and pickups. Talk about sticker shock!!! I would have to get a job to for us to be able to buy a new car. O we need to quit using our Credit card and get them paid off for once!!! Well I kept putting brochures in peanuts bag so she can dream. Well I think she is done dreaming she found the car that she wants. It is a Pontiac. So here are a few pictures of our day at the Omaha Auto show. Okay either the site is having problems or I can't post no pictures cause of my computer. It isn't even letting me check my spelling so whats the deal? Guess I will save and post it later so I can put the pictures with this post. Sorry guys have to wait!! The resolution is fixed and I also now have my video card but now I am on my mom's computer cause I have no internet card now. If it's one thing it is another. So as you can see I still don't have my computer so when I get it up and running again I will post pictures.


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