Thursday, January 24, 2008

Catch up!

Okay I guess it is time to play catch up with you all. Travis and Stephanie took my computer Sunday and I have been lost with out it. But my loving mom has let me use hers until I get mine back. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I walked to coffee. Yeah you can pick your mouth off the floor now from shock. I did walk. But today I blew it. It was -26 out side and really didn't feel like walking in that cold of weather.

Mom has been making these veggie drinks from her new juicer. Well the first one was just nasty. But the more I have them the better they are getting. I like the ones with apples in them the most. I think I am feeling better but you never now if it is wishful thinking that I am. She is also making smoothies which I really love.

Do you realize that we have had snow on the ground sense November 25th, 2007. Sorry don't want to make any one bummed. And we are to get more tomorrow morning. They are saying another inch. I love the snow but this darn cold spurt that we have had for over a week now is for the birds. I am ready for some warmer weather!!!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah that came form the one that likes the snow.

I guess peanut is coming home this weekend. She misses me!!! Not really Travis needs to come home cause his computer is messed up and needs his dad to fix it. So they are coming home for the weekend.

Well hope I can post again soon. Sorry it has taken me so long to do so. Don't know who reads these but I hope someone does and enjoys hearing from me.


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