Sunday, October 26, 2008

I honor of my Auntie

I have been wanting to do this page for some time now but never had the inspiration to do it. Until Becky had this really neat layout for her newest contest.

I started this page a week ago and finally just finished it. I love my Auntie K. so much and just think she is the bomb!! :0)

I hope this page gives honor to her and her life! She is just so amazing how she has handled all the stuff that God has thrown at her, in her life time. Right now she has been going to the hospital every day to go and see my Uncle Don (her husband) that was hurt back in July on SUV. And in the midst of all that she even remembered to send me a birthday card! Wow what a Auntie!!! I love you so very much Aunt Shirley! My Uncle is pretty amazing too!!!! I love them more than words can say!!!!

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