Sunday, October 12, 2008

Keeping under wraps!

I have never been so glad to see Sunday here in my life. I have had to keep a secret and was not to announce it until today. So here it goes. Thursday morning I had went to coffee my normal routine on the week day mornings. Came home and checked my email and to my wondering eyes does appear was a email from the sisterhood of scrap asking me yes ME little ole me to be a sister for this up coming week. At first I thought this has got to be some kinda joke cause things like this don't happen to me. So I proceeded to email them back and tell them that I would be delighted and honored to be a Sister. And so they email me back and gave me a questionnaire to fill out and asked me not to tell any one. Do you know how hard this has been for me. I have been bouncing off the walls with excitement!!! So they have posted my stuff that I had to say so go to And go and check me out!!!! I'm a Sister, I'm a Sister!!!!!!!!

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