Monday, January 19, 2009

Went for a drive

Today Eric had the day off so last night we had talked about going to Des Monies today but we changed our tiny little minds and went to Omaha instead. We can change our minds if we want to we are adults right! Well any way we went along the Loss Hills here in Iowa from Missouri Valley to Council Bluffs and guess what I found? yeap you guessed it I found some barns that I just had to take a few pictures of cause I am going to make them into 8 1/2 X11 black and white pictures and make a boarder with them. So here are my pictures for today!!!

Now this one I just had to show you the color in it cause I think it is such a pretty barn.Now for the last picture is of this horse at the white barn that just watched me like a hawk so I took it's picture too and she or he stoped watching me. It was like she or he wanted it's picture taken too. Kinda funny if you think about it.Well it is my bed time hopefully I will have some more barns for you tomorrow! Night all have a good night's rest!

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