Friday, January 2, 2009

Lets get caught up on my life?

Okay I know, I know, I have very much neglected my blog but I am here now so lets get started!!! Stephanie & I took a road trip again the 28th to Minneapolis Minnesota to get mom from the train. Douglas called about 9:30 am Sunday, Dec. 28th to say mom finally was on the train. And in great style the trains were late again leaving! So I got Stephanie going and me packed and off we left about 10:30 that morning. We had to stop in CB so they could fix my glasses cause one of the arms was really digging into my ear and was starting to really hurt. I think we left CB about 12:30 or so. We finally got to our motel room about 7:30 that night, we would of been there sooner but we kinda got lost. Stephanie & I watched Wall-E. Then I called to see how late the train was coming in and they said it should be in by 9:00 am the 29th Yeah I will be home before dark. Well when I woke up I called again and now it is 1:15 pm when it will be here. I have to drive home in the dark. :0(

Well Stephanie and I went to breakfast and came back to the motel and watched another movie until check out time, which was 11:00am. So Stephanie looked up on the Internet to see if there was a Target or Wal Mart close by. And yes just about a mile or two away so went and did some clearance shoppen at both. Got some more wrapping paper and a few other things like my John Deere Tree skirt and ornaments for my kitchen. We finally went and got mom from the train and took her to eat, then we were on our way home. We had to make one main stop at the awesome Micky D's that we had found last time on our way home so we could show mom it. She really enjoyed it. Well here are some of the pictures we took while we were on this trip. We got home about 8:45 pm the 29th.

I forgot to add the sunset picture that Stephanie took for me while we were coming home.

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