Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am very frustrated. On one hand people keep telling me I am toooo young to have problems like forgetfulness , aches and pains. Then on the other hand now they are telling me your at that age that things will start happening. Okay people make up your minds either I am too old or too young, which it is!!! It is just driving me crazy! Well I did go to the doc and I am now on high blood pressure medicine and the doc also told me I have vertigo, and I am also taking some thing for that. When I told my mom about that she said my Grandma K. had the same thing. Wow some thing else I inherited. joy joy joy. The doc told me I would always have this problem some days will be worse than others. So that is my up date on my doctors appointment.
By the way it is cold and it was very icy on the roads this morning. I am sooo ready for spring! Shhh don't tell no one. It will be our little secret okay!
Have a great Tuesday!!!!

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