Saturday, March 7, 2009

setting clock back?

I absolute hate this setting your clock back ever six or so months. This year is even much toooo early, don't you think? I find it to be a pain not alone I would not think it is good for your clocks. It takes me for ever to get used to the new time. I will probably be Grumpy like this guy!!!

Now on to some thing else. Ever sense I have been to Colorado and back I have been light headed and dizzy. I know some of you say what's new I am always dizzy. lol!! I know it could be many things that was causing this, but Friday it was the worst, so I made a doc appointment yeah me made an appointment. So you know darn well it was scaring me. Today was one of the first days it didn't bother me much. I hope I find out what it is case I am scared or should I say worried. Well I will let you know what cames of this Monday when I get back from the doc.

Oh yeah Happy birthday Mr. Mark Justice!!!!

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