Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

Rain, Rain, Rain go away come back another day. Well Today was a very special day I celebrated the day with my favorite guy in the world. It is our 22nd Wedding Anniversary. I will have to down load pictures later of what we did cause my computer is on the Fritz. I need a new mother board. Eric bought me a Tony Stewart jacket it is sweeeeet. And we went to La Masa for lunch - dinner Great Mexican food my favorite place in the whole wide world to eat. Well the kid just called and said they made it to Sioux City and it is starting to snow there so it is coming!!! I also have prom pictures of my niece and nephew at prom but can't show those either until I know how to down load them onto peanuts computer. It was a great day all around. Stay warm and safe all. Thanks for stopping by!!

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