Monday, September 10, 2007

coooool down!

Ohh Ahhh I just love this weather I can put on a cozy sweatshirt and my jeans and be in heaven. The colder the better. Yeah Yeah I know yuck most of you hate cool or even colder weather but I just thrive on it. I hate summer and I am never sad to see it leave. Winter on the other hand I hate to see it go because it means shorts (shiver at the thought)Fall is just around the corner. Yeah. It is the start of College and pro football. Going to Eric's brother's house and watching a few games with them. Having a good time even when they loose. :0( Just don't have Jeff cook when his favorite team is loosing, or you just might not get to eat. All of Eric's brothers try to get together every Sat. or Sunday to watch the games it is fun by all. Here's to fall crisp weather!!!!!! Go Iowa, Broncos, and Buffs, and Rams (Colorado Buffs and Rams)

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