Monday, September 24, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

whoowhooo! In less than and hour my favorite show will be one Dancing with the Stars. I live for this show, I hope you are all just as excited about this show as I am. This year I will cheer on Marie Osmond!! You go girl you rock! And let the judging begin!! I am even registered to do the voting on line. I have voted the past two seasons it has been on. And I will do it again this year. Hey peanut less than an hour. The excitement begins to build. They showed them on Good Morning America this morning doing their last touch ups on their dancing. Well any whoooo I just had to put my five cents in about Dancing with the Stars.

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Ilovetra said...

I know well the hour is way over. She rocked. Maire. And I am cheering on Mel B of the spice girls. She looks so differnt. I can't wait for the boys tonigt