Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Better late than never

Isn't that how that ole saying goes? Well I just hope everyone had a blessed Easter Holiday. We did, Stephanie was home from college. So that was nice. Our niece Sara brought our Great niece over Dusti (yes the spelling is right all this time I have been spelling her name wrong.) And yes I just had to get the camera out. She had the dress on that we gave her for her 1st birthday. So looked so cute in it. Eric did the sun rise service this year and boy was it cold. We only had seven that braved the cold temps. Bob and Joyce had a wonderful breakfast that they served. WE went to church and the service was nice. The church was filled with Easter Lillie's. Just gorgeous. Pastor Jim and Sharon gave us one of the Easter Lillie's which is just beautiful. I have pictures of it so I hope you enjoy it. To bad there isn't smell a computer. hehehehe!!
Well gotta to run and see if I can get some thing done today! Thought I would wash clothes and clean up my craft room it is a disaster area. I think i need to put a sign that says HARD HAT AREA!

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