Friday, April 4, 2008

Were legal!!

Yap Eric and I became legal today. What is she thinking they are alot older than 21, well have been married 21 years today. Yap we were married April 4, 1987 in Greeley. I married my best friend for life that day!! I look back at our pictures and wonder where time has gone? That must mean we have had a good marriage for the most part. We are just like any other couple out there that has their good and bad days. We really have nothing special planned for today, Eric had to work and I am cleaning house because I have my first 1 year old photo shoot here tomorrow. The little girl is a daughter of one of Eric's co workers. She is such a cutie and I am very excited to do this shoot. I have never done children before so we will see how this one goes and see if I would like to do more. Then tomorrow night we are going to go to the fireman's ball in Mondamin. Eric won the tickets for us to go. I think we have won them every year. God is so good, there would be no way we could afford the tickets to the dinner and dance. I have put a couple of picture of us at our wedding hope you enjoy them.

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