Thursday, July 31, 2008

Farmer sent to hospital after crashing ATV

A 75-year-old farmer crashed on his all-terrain vehicle Tuesday evening and was flown to a Denver hospital with a head injury, according to Shane Scofield with the Weld County Sheriff's office.
Don Kanzler was driving his ATV east on Weld County Road 24.5 about a half mile north of Colo. 119 in south Weld County, when he fell off, hitting his head on the ground. He was not wearing a helmet. His ATV ran into a ditch.
Kanzler was apparently checking his crops, as he does regularly, when the crash occurred, Scofield said. But, he was riding the ATV "side-saddle," Scofield added.
Kanzler was flown by helicopter to a Denver hospital. He will not be cited for driving the ATV on a road because it was being used in the course of his farm work, which is not against the law, Scofield said.

The above article is from the Greeley Trb. It is about my Uncle Don (my mom's brother) for starters he is 71 not 75.

Richard my cuz called this morning and said he is doing much better, but has a long road in front of him. He broke all but two ribs, his shoulder. He is now breathing on his own up to 45% which is really good. They will some day have to put a metal plate in his head.

I would like to thank every one for their prayers it has helped alot. I and the rest of the family thank you from the bottom of our hearts! But please keep them going!!!!! :0)

Stephanie said nothing can happen to him cause he still has to come and check her room out. See when they moved my mom here he bought her a puzzle and told her she could have it only if she keeps her room clean. So every time he calls he asks to see if it is clean. Plus he hasn't met her boyfriend yet.
I just wanted to let my Uncle Don know that I love him very much and we are rooting for you!!!
rah rah!! lol

Tat ta for now!

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