Saturday, July 19, 2008


MAMA MIA ROCKS!!!! Stephanie and I went last night to see it on opening night, if you like musicals you will LOVE this one. I even think this tops Hair Spray and I really liked that one too! Now to the Star Cinema go back to the old owners!!!!! The service at the cinema has gone down hill fast. Here it is opening night of Batman and Mama Mia and one other that I can't remember, but any way they didn't have all the cash registers open to even get into the place so people were getting cranky!!! Then you try to get your self a some popcorn or a drink and three or four of the registers were closed there also. To top it all off it we really warm in there. I am not impressed with the new owner in fact I probably won't be going there cause of this. Got that off my chest.

We took pictures last night but I have not down loaded them, so when I can get peanut to send them to me I will post them on here. So until then go see Mama Mia!!!!!

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