Thursday, September 11, 2008

The most Awsomenest

It came today!!! It came today!!! Have you gotten the hint that I am really excited about what I got in the mail today? Well I am, I have been looking at a for this book for months now ever sense it came out in print, I love Becky's web site page maps And now I can love her book too! I have to wipe the drool from my mouth I am so excited. My Page Maps book came in the mail today!! Hooray Hooray. Thanks to My mother-in-law and Tim for the $20.00 smackaroos that they gave me for my birthday, went to a good cause (don't you think?). Thanks guys soooo very much. So Stephanie has created a monster now I have learned how to take picture with my timer on my camera. So watch out world here I come!!! I even took some on vacation with my timer I was pretty proud of myself! So here I am with my second favorite book next to the Bible of course. Not that I read it much cause I get so confused but I do know it is always there for me when I need it. :0)
Becky Fleck I would like to thank you for such a neat and inspiring book. Hopefully I can get back into the grove of scrap booking again. Thanks again to all that made it possible for me to have this boo. Oh yeah I got it for $21.00 and some cents. Plus I got another book that talks about page maps too for free it was buy on get one free. I just love bargains. I knew if I hung around long enough that I would get it at a price I could afford!! yeah!!!!

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The Sermonator said...

Anything that is so cool it makes you drool is a plus, for sure! Hope you throroughly enjoy your new product, and maybe, you'll show some of your cropping friends how it works.
Guess what! There is a monthly crop in my neighborhood: the second Saturday of every month. Is that cool enough to drool. I'm thinking so. Catch you later. God bless