Tuesday, September 30, 2008

QVC did it to us again!

QVC was at it again they had scrap booking on their show a week ago today. So here are the results! Mind you these are all NOT mine some of them are my mom's stash!

Three of these boxes were mine the rest was moms. The picture below is what was in my three boxes!! Cool stuff don't you think. I twas like Christmas at our house! hehehehe But with no snow! :0(This last picture is all of the stuff that mom bought WOW! I think between the two of us we have more than the stores do! hehehe but that is okay I love to scrapbook. The new page topper came from on of the kits that came with some of my stuff. It is from a CD and I designed it. Kind of cute? I think that CD will be fun to play around with! Hope to show you more of my designs!

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