Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Christmas Pix from Friday's Christmas

We had Christmas twice this year once on the joyous day and one yesterday at mom# 2 house. Every one was there and had a great time her are some of the photo's that I took while we were parting!!!

This is of Nick our Nephew and Eric. He is taller than his Uncle now. we couldn't believe it when he walked in and seen how tall he was!! Nick is only 14 years old.Our new budding artist! This is Jordan's middle boy Tabor, he had gotten a guitar from his grandma. Let's here some rock n' roll!From left to right is Nick, Chris ( Holly's fiance), Tina, and Holly!This is Jeff Eric's brother faking sleeping!!!And this when the little ones got to open their presents. the floor was just covered with wrapping paper. Hopefully no one got lost in all of the paper!!!

Happy Holiday's everyone!!!

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