Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Sense we last saw each other I was telling you that the Rockie's won two games in the series. Well the good new is that they swept the Phillies and now this Thursday they are playing I Arizona Diamond Backs. This series it is the best out of 7 games.

Denver blew chunks all over! The light was on but now one was home as they say!!!
Then there was the Iowa Hawkeyes that did the same thing. Come on boys get your acts together. But now the Colorado Buffs won is high style which is really cool. Eric said he will just have to root for the Buffs the rest of the season. And that doesn't hurt me one bit.

Now on to Dancing With the Stars last night: Marie Osmond was aw some as normal!! Jane Seymour did great too! My heart and prayers go out to her with the loss of her mom. I am sure this was really hard for her to do. I can't wait until tonight to see who get the bump now.. I voted for the two above and also Wayne Newton and Cameron Mathison. So I am hoping they can hang on till the end but I know this years crop is so good it is really hard to choose which ones to pick that I would want to win because they are all so good.

tata for now!!!

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