Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Colorado Rockies Rule

Hooray for the Rockies that is the Colorado Rockies they are the wild card for the NL. I have been a fan ever sense they have been a ball team. I have been able to see them play at Coors Field a few times. Would like to see them more but you know how that is you live far away and don't make it there all the time. I was reading in the Greeley Trib. that "Rockies fever catching on in Denver" was the one of the head lines, and if you ask me it is a little to late to be supporting them now! I have watched the games when I can and I was just ashamed of the support that they have been getting the stands were always pretty much empty every time I would get to watch some of the games. And low and be hold Monday night they were filled to the rafters. Now if this was the Broncos they have always supported them no matter how well they have done. Why can't they do that for the Rockies. I wish the Rockies all the best Wed. night. By the way the game went into extra innings Monday night. They pulled it out in the 13th inning. Wow what a nail biter!!! They played the Padres last night. The final score was Rockie 9 and the Padres 8.

Well now that I said my peace about how Colorado fans treat the Rockies I guess I will let it go now. One last punch it is sad that they can only root for the Rockies when they are winning.

Go Rockies!!!

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