Sunday, October 28, 2007

A week has gone by!

Okay where was I the past week that I was so busy to blog? Or should I say how lazy I have been the past week. Well today is Sunday the 28th and the Rockie are on the Virge of loosing the World Series. They are in Colorado tonight and they were in Colorado last night also. If they loose tonight it is all over the Boston Red sox's as I said swept them under the run. I do have to take my hat off to them they do have a really good pitching team. I have a picture that was taken in Colorado not to far from where I grew up. This farmer sent a message to the Rockies in his field. I thought it was pretty cool.

Tuesday I went scrapbooking with my bestest friend and partner in crime Dee Dee. We had a great time. She is still working on her Paris book witch is turning out really cool. I did some old pages like of my nephew and niece's graduation 2005! I am so far behind it is unreal. I will post some this week of what pages I did.

Bible Study Monday night was interesting to say the least. I have had a problem understanding what I am to be doing. Well tomorrow is Monday and I still haven't done this week lessons. I just can't get my self to do my lessons. I hope and pray I get better at this.

Well here it is that time again I usually try to make it to Halloween but I just seem to not make it. I turned on the heat Saturday Oct. 27th. It really hasn't ran much except for the night early mornings. I just hate having to turn on the heat. But one good thing it does mean that winter and snow is coming!!!

WEll Rockies it has been a great ride this year. Win this game tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

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