Sunday, October 21, 2007

Over the Weekend!!!

Well here it is Sunday evening and all is quit, well all except the TV that has the Denver Broncos and the Steeler game on. The score right now is 7-14 Denver is ahead!!! Yeah you read that one right Denver is ahead! But it is only second quarter though. Well We had a great weekend with Stephanie being home. She brought Travis's WII home and we had a great time with it. We played bowling and guess what I had a Turkey, now just keep in mind I really stink at bowling in real life so this is really big for me!!! I even beat Eric in that game. So I was really tickled. And yes I did take pictures so here they are. Then my adopted daughter Marae (Stephanie's best friend) came over and then they played Dance Dance so I also have posted a few of those too. Marea came over Sat. afternoon after Stephanie and I came home from a craft fair, which we didn't buy a thing. It was a really waist of time for us!!! Well the the score is now 7-21 and it is half time. Go Broncos!!! Eric just got home so I am going to get him something to eat, while he enjoys the ball game!!!

Oh yeah I guess we are going to get us a WII also. We had a great family time together Friday night!!!!

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