Thursday, October 4, 2007

Two down One to go

Yeah I am talking about those Rockies. The just won their second game in the chase to the would series. Can we say way to GO!!! Buy the way for you non baseball fans the Rockies is a baseball team and they are on the roadto the world series. They played the Philadelphia Phillies. Now they are going home to play Sat. In Coors Field!!! The Mile High State, good ole Colorado. Boy I sure wish we could go and watch that ball game I think it is going to be a good one. Especially sense they are playing at home.

Here we go Rockies here we go!
Here we go Rockies here we go!
All the way they say!!!!

I am just so excited just a little bit more excited as I was when the Cardinals went to the World series.

Just a little note The Cubbies are not doing as good ooops!! Sorry little brother, Jeff, & Joe!!!! hehehe
I know he who laughs fist laughs last!!!!

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