Saturday, November 3, 2007


No we are not talking about the shingles on the roof, yeah you got it, we are talking about the shingles that humans get. Guess who has them? No not me and no not my mom she has had them though. That leaves Eric. Thursday night he came home and asked me if there was some thing on his side and back but I couldn't see any thing as of yet. And I asked him why, and he said it just itches so bad. I asked him if he gotten some chemicals on himself but he said he didn't think so. I thought it might be from the laundry soap or something like that. Never gave it another thought. Yesterday while I was at coffee he had called the house twice and asked if I was at home. So when I got home I called him at work and he told me he need to see a doctor. I thought he had hurt himself worse. See he has a hernia and I thought he really aggravated that to where he was in some really bad pain. So he called and made an appointment and we went to find out what was going on. And come to find out it was the shingles. I just can't believe it. The doc gave him some meds for about a week so I really hope it works. I have seen people suffer with this for months into years. I am asking for prayers for him for a speedy recovery. :0)

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