Wednesday, November 14, 2007

long time no see

Sorry I haven't kept up my blog very well. Eric went back to work this Monday and is doing better. Still gets a little sore in some spots yet, but other than that he is almost back to his good ol self. I have been very busy making cookies for the local bank in town for the 6, 7th of December. It will be for their open house. I have to make 14 doz. cookies. I am planning on making 14 different kinds so that means I have only made so far three different kinds. I had to stop today cause I have no eggs to continue. I am taking mom to the eye doctor in Council Bluff tomorrow so I will get some more then. Monday nights we have a bible study with our pastor and then Wednesday's the ladies of the church have an other one. The one on Monday's is very over whelming to me. We are doing it on Discipleship. And the one on Wednesday's is on a Joyce Myers study. That one is pretty good too. Stephanie is doing okay in school. She is struggling in a couple of her classes and with her room mates.

I just got done reading Anna's blogg and she is so blessed in all aspects of her life, she is one girl who knows who she is and what she wants out of her life. She is going on the right track. I hope some day I can feel that way too. With my family and the things I accomplished in my life and have the love and passion for God like she does.

I have not scrapbooked sense I went to Sioux City with my buddy Dee Dee. And I need to get some pages finished. I am making my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Don a scrapbook for their 50th wedding anniversary that will be coming up in a year or so.

Deb and Bill Nelsen will celebrating their 25th anniversary this weekend. We were invited to go to the dinner Friday night. I sure hope we can go. I think we will be late but we are sure going to try to go. Congrats guys!!! Many more to you!!!

I am coming to the conclusion that I need to make better time of my time God has given me. I need to stop saying things need to get done and just do them instead of sitting around complaining. I have found my self doing alot of that lately. I don't feel like doing any thing but I guess it is up to me to get things done!!

Hey guess what Marie is still in dancing with the stars. I am so happy for her she really need this boost right now. She lost her dad a week ago and I know how hard that can be. My prayers are with the family.

tootles for now!!!

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