Sunday, November 25, 2007

Last Night Christmas for the mothers

Last night we made a trek to Sioux City to see Brule'. We have see them now for three years straight. Once in Omaha and the last two times in Sioux City. We enjoy it every year more and more. But it is a very long night, we didn't get home until midnight Saturday night, or early this morning. To late for this old foggie!! We had super at Chillies in Sioux City and then we went to the concert. Super was just so good. Mom, Stephanie and I all had Margarita grilled chicken with black beans and rice. mmmmm so good!!! Eric had steak and Eric's mom (Mom # 2) had chicken fried steak which I think that is what I am getting next time. It looked so good too. But alot of food though. Here is some pictures of us after the concert with the band members, and Hoops!!! I just love Hoops!!! He is so fun to watch. He dances with hoops and is very good at it. They are all such nice people they stay until the last fan is gone. they sign autographs and take picutres with who ever wants one. Just too cool. It makes feel like a young kid again going to concerts. The costums are just beautiful the colors and the work that goes into them is just unreal.

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