Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Well it is that time of year again. It has just came to fast, I think father time just wanted to see how fast I could really work this year. Well not very fast as most of you can see. Friday I mailed my last Christmas card. Way to late if you ask me, but they are out.

We had our Christmas Eve service at 5:00. Very nice service not as much people as we usually do. The Church is usually filled. After the service I took mom for a spin around town to look at the lights. This was the first night she has been out so I thought she would enjoy it.

Eric is watching Christmas Story and the Broncos. Guess what the Broncos are loosing. Eric said is the season over with yet? I guess not soon enough for him this year.

Any who after we got home I took some Christmas pictures of my family and my mom. I hope you enjoy them.

I also too some of the tree with my new camera that I got a few months ago. I am still learning how to work it and I think I have the settings all messed up so I need to read the book again to see if I can fix it. The tree ones were also taken with my camera and I think they turned out cool.

Merry Christmas everyone and a blessed new year!!

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